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"Your ability to blend professional assessment, sincere interest and practical solutions has made a palpable difference in our daily life as an organization, lending clarity and energy to the sometimes exhausting endeavor of running a non-profit agency.

Many consultants claim to have 'the answer' to organizational development.   Community Consulting Network focuses its energy on listening for the questions that we as a staff can no longer hear, and generating creative, collaborative discussion that leads to an action plan, which reveals the solutions. I greatly apppreciate your intelligence, humor and excellent communication skills (particularly from a distance) and thank you for your commitment to our agency's growth and longevity."

Jenn Brandon
Executive Director
Community Techology Institute, Seattle, Washington

"Please accept my sincere gratitude as Committee Chair for your facilitation of the work of the Committee for a Family-Centered Child Support System.  The context in which we had to do our work was tremendously challenging.  We had to grapple with building group consensus and developing a set of practical recommendations that sought system reforms which were more suppportive of families.  If this challenge weren't great enough given the complexities of the Illinois child suupport system, the committee had to perform under severe time constraints.  You... brought a level of professionalism, drive, expertise and organization to the process that was responsible for the committee successfully conquering the task before it and accomplishing its mission.   Moreover, your sensitivity, ethics, and commitment to and understanding of low-income communities and families is truly impressive.  While there is much more work to do to make Illinois' child support system more supportive of low-income failies, you played a key role in helping the committee present a model and series of recommendations that the committee hopes will go far in making child support in Illinois more family-friendly.

The Community Consulting Network is on the cutting edge of its discipline and offers a set of skills, capacities, and insights that are not typically available to non-profit organizations.  Keep up the wonderful work."

Kirk E. Harris, J.D, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director, Knowledge and Policy
Family Resource Coalition of America, Chicago, Illinois
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