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When a nonprofit organization improves itself—for example in fundraising, planning, or financial management—it increases its ability to meet changing needs in its environment. This, in turn, allows it to serve its constituents with creative solutions leading to social and economic justice.

When an organization wants to increase its effectiveness, some of the best tools lie within organization development theory and practice. While these tools have long been available to business, CCN brings these tools to nonprofit organizations—particularly those working with under-served communities.

CCN has provided consulting services to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and in Latin America. CCN’s consultation philosophy ensures that its clients learn lasting skills and practices that will yield benefits and strengthen the organization well beyond the term of the consultancy. Some of the results organizations have seen after working with CCN include:

Improved fundraising strategies that promote financial stability,
Sound and effective financial management practices,
Strong team leadership among board and staff, and
Strategic plans that match the diverse resources of the organization with the needs of the communities in which it works.

CCN is committed to being a strong resource and advocate for nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to meeting the challenges facing under-served communities. CCN believes that the extent to which nonprofit organizations are able to increase their organizational capacity is the degree to which communities can respond to challenges more effectively.
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